About Ravensburger

The jigsaw puzzle is one of the most traditional method of home entertainment that will never have an expiry date. Whether you are young or old, they’re guaranteed to keep you captivated for countless hours.

Jigsaw puzzles are a great for family and friends to socialise, relax, team build and problem solve together. Whether indoors on a winters day or outside in the summer sunshine, it is always the right time to get stuck into a mind-gripping jigsaw. A combined team effort with a puzzle lets you spend quality time with people you love and unites any group in the quest to finish it!

This enjoyment, education, and togetherness is the ethos behind all that Ravensburger believes in.

Parents can help their child grow by learning, interacting and feeling a sense of fulfilment by completing puzzles together. Many puzzles are used as learning aids to develop and boost key skills that will be useful to children as they proceed through school and on into later life. Problem solving, motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination and building self-esteem are just some of skills young people develop in the jigsaw puzzle process. Some puzzles are also educational aids, teaching children to count or learn the alphabet and the biggest benefit is that puzzles are fun!

Throughout the completion of a puzzle, families engage in conversation, help one another and plan strategic ways in carrying out the task.

Ravensburger has over 100 years of experience in jigsaw puzzle excellence and their philosophy emphasises the importance of Enjoyment, Education and Togetherness.

The brand’s expertise in the market has led to remarkable innovative creations and unique design - bringing families closer together in the quest to complete a piece of artwork.

With thousands of designs available there is a puzzle for everyone! There are beautiful scenic puzzles, puzzles to make you laugh out loud, luxurious fine art and even ones with your favourite movie characters.