Monday, 25 March 2019

Disney Collector's Edition jigsaw puzzle - Dumbo

Price: £13.99
Age Range: 12 years+
Manufacturer’s Description: The story of Dumbo, the circus elephant, was created in 1941 and is one of Disney’s shortest full-length films. Here the cute elephant with the huge ears is enjoying a lovely bubble bath, watched over by his only friend, Timothy Q Mouse.
Rating:  (5/5 stars)
Review: With the live-action adaptation of Dumbo in the cinemas, it is the perfect time to get nostalgic about the original, created in 1941, and still one of the best classic Disney movies. This jigsaw is a lovely celebration of Dumbo and is a really enjoyable puzzle.
The jigsaw is packed in an attractive Collector’s Edition box – Ravensburger have released a whole selection of jigsaws in the Disney collection, and they all look beautiful.
I started by sorted out the edge pieces as per normal, and fitting them together on this puzzle is certainly a challenge, as it is all blue with stars! I liked the extra challenge this presented, as it made the puzzle a little more difficult than it would be otherwise. 
The finished puzzle shows a scene from the classic film, with Dumbo enjoying a bath while Timothy Q Mouse looks on. Further scenes from the full-length cartoon are featured on a section of film strip at the top of the design, which is a really lovely touch.
I really enjoyed putting this puzzle together; it is a really lovely scene from the film, and it is a colourful and attractive image. As is pretty standard for the 1000 piece size, the finished puzzle measures 70 x 50cm when complete. 
I have come to expect a high quality of jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger, and this puzzle doesn’t disappoint – the linen finish really cuts down on glare, especially in bright sunlight – and the cardboard is sturdy. None of the pieces had to be pulled apart, they were all well cut, and the ‘soft click technology’ ensures you know that you have the right pieces when you fit them in place.
The other classic films featured in the Disney collection are Little Mermaid, Jungle Book, Cinderella, Fantasia, Peter Pan, Bambi, Beauty & the Beast, The Lion King, and Snow White. Each of the puzzles has a ‘hidden Mickey’ somewhere in the illustration – can you spot the Dumbo one below?
Five stars for this beautiful puzzle.

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