Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Make it Medley this Mother's Day

It’s been so unbelievable cold here lately that staying indoors on a cold winter’s evening has been the best option.  I’ve spent my evenings getting to grips with the Make it Medley puzzle from Ravensburger, which is number 11 in the series of perplexing puzzles.
Make it Medley puzzle from Ravensburger
I don't know about you, but I much prefer jigsaw puzzles with lots of detail to those with massive blue skies.  The Make it Medley puzzle from Ravensburger immediately caught my eye as it is packed full of colour, details, and objects, to keep a keen puzzler like myself interested.
Make it Medley puzzle from Ravensburger
I can’t imagine how long it took Devon based photographer Greg Shepherd to create this flat lay image, filled with a myriad of crafting bits and bobs, but the finished image is wonderful.
Make it Medley puzzle from Ravensburger
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