Thursday, 10 August 2017

Ravensburger VW T1 Campervan 3D Puzzle

So if you've read my blog for a few years you might remember that I was not much of a fan back then. I found them boring and well I have to admit now that I actually really enjoy them.
I have found peace with them and feel calmness as well as it being something the whole family can join in on together .

The past  year we've progressed from the smaller puzzles to the larger ones challenging our concentration and eye coordination skills and well now we're enjoying the wonderful 3D puzzles that are now appearing around my home one by one like ornaments .

Last month we were sent the 3D Volkswagen from Ravensburger and I knew instantly this would be a project for my husband who is mad about all vehicle related things .
On opening the box , we found that the base of the vehicle and the roof was already made of full sheeting and wheels with an added touch of  a surf board on top of the roof .
I'm finding the 3D puzzles are rather exciting .
I love that you can display them on a shelf or in a unit and this one even has an added bonus, it rolls . Yes the wheels actually work fully.

I have to say the excitement was a little over the top for a puzzle but it made it all the more fun and in less than an hour it was built and we were rolling it (rather carefully) across the sitting room floor , acting proudly of the display we had built .
You can see the joins, its not perfect but I like that you can see its been made and the imperfections of alignment give its personality just like any other vehicle has .
This puzzle was not a large one and like I have said previously only took less than an hour to build but it was a great break time activity that would have been great for taking with us on our own camping holiday later in the year with only 162 pieces.

The Volkswagen is only £19.00 to buy and there are so many other wonderful 3D options to choose from , keep an eye out on my next post sharing you the delights of the 3D Disney Castle which we are very excited about. 
Have you given the Ravensburger 3D Puzzles a try yet? 

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