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School Sports Day Review

Times have changed since I was a kid.  Sports Day is one of them  Back in my day (this phrase may be making me feel old), sports days wasn’t much different from any other day except instead of one hour of phys ed, we had a whole afternoon of it and we received a little inch of ribbon to put on a safety pin for each activity we participated in.  No parents, nothing out of the ordinary here.  But things have evolved and School Sports Day by Ravensburger finds the humour in it.

School Sports Day Can Be Puzzling fun at Castle View Academy homeschool

Ravensburger sent us a copy of Best of British No.17 – School Sports Day enjoy.  I know it may seem weird that we’re reviewing a puzzle about school sports day when we homeschool; but that doesn’t mean our children don’t have their own sports events they attend with others, or set up in our own back garden…..and us parents can remember ‘way back’ to our own school days.
Last year our local school’s sports day was postponed a few times due to rain, but this year it was right on schedule with unusually hot and dry weather for the first half of June.  Last week, however, the weather was bleary and rainy, and I was tired of feeling cooped up and working.  I needed a break, even if I didn’t think I should have one; I was feeling agitated.
I looked over… and I saw the School Sports Day puzzle sitting there looking lonely.  That’s no way for a puzzle to be; so I thought I would spend a few minutes separating the pieces and then continue with it another day with my family.

Sorting out Sports Day puzzle at Castle View Academy homeschool
It was just the break I needed from the day.  Phil was in the kitchen with the children baking cakes; Kallista wanted to make one from her own imagination, while Phil and Tristan stuck more closely to a recipe.  I put a few more pieces together…
…and I had to stop myself to take this picture because I had completed half of the puzzle without even getting up off the sofa!

Half way done the Sports Day at School at Castle View Academy homeschool

Now that I was up, it was time to make a cup of tea and stretch my feet.
I should have gone back to work – I am seriously behind in every area.  But once I started I just couldn’t stop!  And it’s good to take a break and spend time with others on the weekend instead of cooped up in a room by myself.  That gets so lonely and uninspiring.  And I like to be inspired; it’s so invigorating!
I began with the border (I’m so predictable), then filled in the sky and colourful bunting.  Next came the larger areas of purple plaid, reds, browns, speech bubbles and signs, and I continued on from there.  The trees were the final thing I had left to complete.
Just what I needed to give myself a little brain break…although…
Kallista, of course, took her cake out of the oven and showed up just in time to sit down and take the glory of the puzzle and put in the last three pieces.

Putting in the last puzzle piece for Sports Day at School at Castle View Academy homeschool

It figures.  But that’s okay, I love her, and she also enjoys puzzles.  I can share a puzzle if she can share some cake!
Once the puzzle is completed, you will be able to see the little details and read all of the signs and speech bubbles and have a giggle.  Geoff Tristram, the artist has a great sense of humour!

  • The spoon and egg race course had many raw and broken eggs along the ground.
  • The parents’ section (kept in check with an electrical fence) sported a wine bottle in a handbag.
  • An arrow missed its target and nearly impaled a someone’s head.
  • The Ardliworth-Gowen Primary School
  • Parents Cage Fighting
  • And so many more!
Ravensburger School Sports Day puzzlei is complete at Castle View Academy homeschool

This was a 500 piece puzzle, and although it’s half the number of pieces of a 1000 piece puzzle, it went together in about an eighth of the time.  So instead of the whole family working on it for a few days (or weeks), it went together in an afternoon while the rest of the family was baking!  Just a short break from reality, but easy to do and then tidy up instead of having it around for ages.  I enjoy big puzzles, too; but sometimes it’s just a small break I’m looking for.
And those cakes, in case you were wondering.  They were quite delicious and Kallista’s was the best!  Orange zest in the cake and raspberry jam between the layers with a dusting of icing sugar over the top.  I do hope she makes it again!
Best of British No.17 – School Sports Day 500pc Jigsaw Puzzle is available through fine retail stores and Amazon.co.uk.
The Ravensburger Puzzle Handy is also available from Amazon.co.uk and retail outlets.

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