Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Flower Fairies 500 Piece Jigsaw Review

Flower Fairies
We love puzzles in our house, the boys did 16 one morning the other week. I blame my mother in law because she also loves them and has bought most of the boys puzzles. Whenever I am asked would we like to review a jigsaw puzzle I always say yes so Flower Fairies was no exception. I sent it to the MIL to keep her busy and it looked super hard and complicated.
When reviewing our last Jigsaw the Mischievous Meerkats Marie completed it on a puzzle matt which I have since seen for myself and they are amazing. I would highly recommended one if you like doing puzzles with lots of pieces so you can store it away and come back to it when you are free. She used the matt whilst doing the Flower Fairies as you can see from the pictures.
Flower fairies is a 500 piece puzzle and is quite detailed. You have to really concentrate to match the pieces and get them in the right place. James tried to help out with this one and placed one piece which was wrong so that was the only one he tried. Marie is good at puzzles and has the patience to sit and work them out. She did the Flower Fairies over a few days as it was quite complex.
Flower Fairies
Marie like me does the outside of the puzzle first and then works on filling the inside. The Flower Fairies is quite hard because lots of the colours are the same so its hard to work out exactly were the pieces go. Certainly one you need the picture to refer to.
Flower Fairies
The flower fairies took a few days to complete because it needed a lot of concentration to work out the pieces. It’s a beautiful jigsaw when completed though and would make a great work of art for the wall if varnished and framed.
Flower Fairies
Like all other Ravensburger puzzles the quality is excellent and the puzzle is made from good quality card. The pieces are strong so don’t bend and rip easily which can happen with some puzzles.

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