Thursday, 22 June 2017

3D Unicorn Puzzles; Pretty and Practical!

With the beauty of the summer flowers around me, I am trying to simplify and organise many areas of my life.  In the midst of this, Ravensburger’s 3D unicorn puzzles have come to the rescue.  How? You may asking.  Read on to find out!
3D Unicorn Puzzles; Pretty and Practical! Castle View Academy homeschool puts them to the test
Kallista was very interested in Tristan’s 3D Graffiti Shoe Pencil Pot from Ravensburger, so when they contacted me to see if Kallista would like to try out two of their 3D unicorn puzzles, I just couldn’t resist.  These are the 3D Unicorn Vanity Box and Vase puzzles.
Putting together a 3D Unicorn puzzle vase at Castle View Academy homeschool

Unicorn Storage Box

Kallista started off working on the Unicorn Vanity Box first for two reasons.  First; this was Kallista’s first time working on a 3D puzzle and it looked a little more straight-forward for a novice.  Both of these puzzles are recommended for children aged 9 and up, but Kallista did very well on her own and only needed a little help to get started and with fitting the end frame pieces onto the puzzle.
The corner pieces have built in ‘hinges’ that snap together when you fold the corners into shape.
For the Unicorn vanity case, Kallista followed the numbers on the back of the pieces, working her way from 1 to 216, and following the arrows as to where to place the next piece.
Having fun with Ravensburger 3D puzzles at Castle View Academy homeschool
She worked hard and had fun working on it while some of the elder family members worked on Flying Home.
To make things easier for her, I helped put the pieces into piles of 1-20, 20-40, 160-180, etc.  Younger children could help with this puzzle by lining up the pieces into number order.
Before too long, the puzzle was done, the inner cardboard pieces were slipped into place, and the nifty sliding top container was dropped in, and Kallista had her very own storage box!
3D Unicorn tidy box at Castle View Academy homeschool
Rather than use it to keep her headbands tidy (coincidentally, she keeps them on her riding unicorn), she has chosen to use this box to keep the books she reads at night tidy, along with her flashlight, as well as other things she thinks are important.  She’s so happy to have such a storage box to call her own!  And I’m happy things are better contained.

3D Unicorn Vase

Next, Kallista worked on the 3D Unicorn Vase.  She was feeling more confident now that she knew how things worked.
Instead of strictly following by number, for this project she also worked according to the picture, more like a ‘regular’ puzzle.  For the vase, the pieces are moulded into slightly curved shapes that will give the vase its pretty shape.  Keeping things going with the curves didn’t seem to be a problem for her at all, which was great!
 The 3D puzzle pieces are quite a sturdy plastic, although the ‘tab’ of one piece has broken.  However, the puzzle was still able to be completed without the little tab (we’ll glue the bit into place now that the puzzle is completed).
Putting together a 3D Unicorn puzzle vase at Castle View Academy homeschool
 Once the structure of the vase is completed, the plastic cup slides up through the bottom of the vase.  You can fill it with water and use the 3D puzzle as a real vase!
Of course, Kallista had to hop outside and pick some flowers to give her new vase a purpose and make it feel at home.  She wanted just the perfect flowers for her new vase.  A neighbour saw her struggling to reach a chosen bloom and came to her rescue.  She came in with the cup filled with flowers….
A puzzle that's a vase - cool! Castle View Academy homeschool
and then realised that the vase itself would have to go over the top and she would need flowers with longer stems to work!  So back outside she went, along with Daddy so she could point to the blooms she wanted and Phil could cut them for her.
Now her vase and flowers make a great match!  The wildflowers we planted two years ago have come back again and are perfect for unicorns!

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