Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Beauty And The Beast Puzzle review

Are your children looking forward to the upcoming Beauty and The Beast movie?  Here in the UK, it’s out in cinemas on Friday, and my children are looking forward to having a special afternoon out with us parents to go as a family.  It isn’t often we go out to movies all together, which makes it even more fun.  Kallista is even more enthused to go now that she’s been working on the brand new Beauty and The Beast Puzzle!
Turn beastly days into days of glittery fun with te Beauty and the Beast Puzzle, it's working for Castle View Academy!
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When the opportunity to try out this new Glittery XXL 100 Piece Beauty and the Beast Puzzle from Ravensburger came up, I knew that Kallista would really enjoy it… and the timing couldn’t have been better.  The puzzle was shipped out on Friday and by the time it arrived on Monday, Kallista had broken out in a body full of spots…just as we thought it was safe to continue with life as normal, she’d caught them from Tristan, who had been over them for a week or so.
Kallista was feeling rotten and was in pain; but the look on her face when I told her that the package the postperson delivered was for her, was fabulous!
Opening a package from Ravensburger at Castle View Academy homeschool
She opened it up before lunch, and then began on it after.  In the meantime, Tristan had noticed that the puzzle included GLITTER!!  But he kept quiet so as not to ruin Kallista’s joy when she discovered it for herself.
Yes, after opening up the inner bag and pouring out the puzzle pieces onto our Puzzle Handy, Kallista noticed the glitter and brightened right up!  This is her first puzzle that sparkles!
She carefully divided her puzzle pieces into piles of edge pieces and inner pieces.   Then using the lines on the Puzzle Handy, she began constructing the frame of the puzzle.
Working on the Glittery 100 piece Beauty and The Beast Puzzle at Castle View Academy homeschool
Of course, she then started on inserting the inner pieces and started to see the picture take shape.
Usually, Kallista will finish a puzzle in one sitting, but she was just so tired from her spots that she had to stop for a rest.  She continued the next day after a visit to the doctor.  Knowing that she had a new and fabulous puzzle back at home to complete kept her going as we walked from the doctor’s office to the chemist and back home again.
At last, the Beauty And The Beast was complete!  She was so happy!
Then she took it apart….
Beauty and The Beast Puzzle is completed at Castle View Academy homeschool
And began building it again.
This time it’s still together so that she can see it each time she enters the front room.  Yes, it’s been there for a week!  Kallista loves the added sparkle of the glitter and now she’s really looking forward to the movie this Friday when she’ll once again be well and back to her usual sparkly self.
Beauty and The Beast is aimed at children aged six and up; though it will also work well for some children of younger years.  this has been the perfect distraction for chicken pox and taking Kallista’s mind off being itchy and in pain.  It’s quiet and not bright and flashy so it doesn’t hurt the ears or eyes.  A puzzle is something that a child can do all at one time, or do a few pieces now and then.  It keeps the brain sharp, and the fine motor skills working.  So it’s really the perfect thing for kids to do when they’re not feeling so well.
Beauty and the Beast
If your children like Disney movies, airy tales, and a good story, they’ll enjoy this glittery Beauty and The Beast puzzle.  And parents; you don’t have to worry, the glitter is stuck on well and I haven’t been plagued wit hit all over the house, so I’m very happy as well!  A win-win puzzle all around.
Ravensburger Disney Beauty & The Beast XXL 100pc Jigsaw Puzzle is available through fine retail stores and Amazon.co.uk.
The Ravensburger Puzzle Handy is also available from Amazon.co.uk and retail outlets.
Review by Castle View Academy 

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