Monday, 20 February 2017

Garden Vistas no.2 - Summer breeze 500pc jigsaw puzzle

I find jigsaw puzzles very therapeutic and relaxing. When I'm feeling 
stressed, puzzles help me to unwind. And if I also have a cup of tea and 
some chocolates to go with my hobby, I am on cloud nine.
in the series of garden scenes, created by British artist Anne Searle.

jigsaw puzzles,

It depicts a wonderfully vibrant garden scene, a real paradise of blooms 
and flowers. The garden is glorious - with lavender, roses, pinks and lilies 
adding enticing aromas. Then there are colourful hollyhocks, poppies, irises,
 foxgloves, clematis and Sweet William. The path and the lawn lead to the 
rustic shed, which is framed by conifers. Imagine sitting in such a beautiful 
garden with a book and a cup of tea!
This jigsaw puzzle consists of 500 pieces. All cardboard pieces are made 
of high quality cardboard, and are easily slotted together. The cardboard 
has a linen finish print to minimise glare on puzzle image.
The puzzle is suitable for ages 10 years and up. It is quite compact in 
size - 49x36cm.

Ravensburger puzzles, garden scenes

I have a couple of friends who love puzzles as much as I do, and I often 
pass the puzzles to them, once I have finished assembling. They, in their 
turn, offer them to their friends. I like the idea that several people will enjoy 
those puzzles.
This beautiful puzzle will make a lovely gift for any puzzle fan or keen gardener. 

Disclosure: I received the puzzle for the purposes of testing and reviewing. 
All opinions are my own.

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