Thursday, 9 February 2017


We do a lot of jigsaw puzzles in our house and I have memory’s going back to younger than my boys ages of visiting my grandma and the dining table having jigsaw pieces spread across it while my grandma and papa slowly built up the edges. Fast forward 30 odd years and while she still adores doing jigsaw puzzles some of the smaller ones with the little pieces are hard for to complete.

Ravensburger are well aware of this and that many people struggle with the smaller pieces and with that knowledge they have built a new range of puzzles. We were sent the Country House in Spring. 500 pieces but they offer the same puzzle as a larger pieced puzzle. The jigsaw was slightly smaller than normal at 50cm by 37cm. Perfect for having on a board on your lap. No need for a dining table for this one!

The picture is a lovely old fashioned chocolate box cottage with a beautiful garden and foot path leading up to the front door. It’s a pure pleasure to look at and the blue sky and beautiful flowers help make the puzzle a little trickier than a standard 300 piece puzzle normally is.

As you would expect from Ravensburger is has the same high quality print of image and also their soft click technology. All in all a great puzzle and I do hope they expand this range! It took a couple of evenings to complete this and was incredibly enjoyable! 

Review by Bakes Books & My Boys

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