Monday, 19 December 2016

Ravensburger My First Puzzle - Christmas Friends - Review

Review by Lily's Little Learners:

Lily is a huge fan of puzzles and so when Ravensburger asked us if we
would like to review this Christmas Friends one I Knew that she would
love it and said yes.

I didn't actually know that Ravensburger did puzzles for children so young
and so I was really happy for it to be brought to my attention that they
make puzzles that are for 18 months plus.

As soon as Lily saw the box she wanted to do the puzzles straight away
and brought the box to me. She sat so nicely on the floor and waited for
me to get her the pieces out.Its really nice for her to have a Christmas
Puzzle as this is the first year she understands a little more about Christmas
and is started to recognise some Christmas characters.

1 comment:

  1. Same with my little great nephew, who will be 15 months come Christmas. Now if he wants to play, he will bring his books or toys and offer them to you as a sign he would like some help. The more clunky wooden jigsaws have long been abandoned and he is ready to move on.

    Given that no-one else in my family enjoys doing jigsaws, I want to capture his imagination whilst he is still young and before his parents start bombarding him with technology.

    This jigsaw sounds like a great interim puzzle for both size of pieces and complexity. Thank You for sharing Lily's journey with 'Christmas Friends' :)