Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Mind absorbing and Challenging

Ravensburger The Curious Cupboard No.5 - The Inventor's Cupboard

Another wonderful jigsaw puzzle design by Colin Thompson. What's not to like! The Inventor's Cupboard is Number 5 of The Curious Cupboard jigsaws from top brand Ravensburger, and it was slow going to compile the thing because of all the little intricacies. 
This particular cupboard is packed with even more great stuff and curiosities than some others from the series. Now it is completed I see hand tools, electrical and mechanical workings, industry related objects, those great inventions of last century and before that. Some weird and wacky inventions too, and, randomly, there's a puppy and a clown fish in the pic! 

It is all wonderfully odd - can't stop staring at it on the table. A great gift for a DIY enthusiast, or an engineer, production worker, or designer/maker who finds themselves with time on their hands and want to relax and lose themselves in this activity for a time.

Review by TSS 

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  1. I have completed a couple of the Colin Thompson jigsaws and I know what you mean by wanting to keep looking at them.

    My puzzle being worked is stored on a board with two front flaps, so I generally have to content myself with looking at the box lid each time I pass. I invariably spot something I hadn't noticed previously, there is just so much crammed into each design.

    Not always relaxing if I can't find a home for a specific piece, but very highly addictive and excellent value for money :)