Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Funky Owls 3D Puzzle Collection Review

ravensburger 3d puzzle funky owl range
Many of you will know that Ravensburger make all sorts of awesome puzzles and now they are releasing this Funky Owl range of 3D Puzzles that are suitable for girls from 7+.  The range consists of a 3D Puzzle Vanity Box, Pencil/Make Up Brush Holder, Jewellery Tree and Vase.

ravensburger 3d puzzle funky owl

In this household, we all love a good puzzle especially a 3D version!  When we first saw this range, we were very excited that this is not only a puzzle but they are functional and useful too.  The four great designs are handy for storage and will provide a unique way to enhance a room.  Ms C loves the beautiful pictures of the cute and adorable owl!

To read the full review head over to ET Speaks From Home 

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  1. Excellent Christmas gifts, although I have been trying hard not to think about it quite so early :)