Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Ravensburger ScienceX Prehistoric Expedition Activity Set

If you have a budding Palaeontologist like my son Mark, then you need to have a look at the Ravensburger ScienceX Prehistoric Expedition Activity Set. The set is bustling with loads of activities to keep dinosaur lovers amused…
ravensburger science x prehistoric expedition set
Included in the set is:
Tyrannosaurus Rex model parts. Meganeura Model parts, magnifying glass, Ammonite, Thermometer, Excavation Tool, Excavation Block, Triop Basin, moulds, Plaster, Sand, Triop eggs and Triop Food.
prehistoric expedition contents
There is also the most amazing 42 page book included too.
prehistoric reading
The book is amazing, it not only has the instructions for all tasks included inside, but it is a wealth of knowledge with facts, explanations and even a glossary too. It really is a prehistoric treat!
Now I have to say, this set is not a quick activity toy, it is a serious set which involves some degree of patience. However, that being said you can easily split the activities up and do them individually if your child has a poor attention span, but you never know, if they like dinosaurs then it may just grasp their attention and surprise you.
So our first activity was…
Cretaceous: The Deadly Tyrannosaurus Rex. You get included in the set, the pieces that you need to build your very own T-Rex model
prehistoric t rex pieces
and he is totally impressive once built…
prehistoric t rex
They say you can use glue as optional, but we haven’t needed to, he is sturdy enough to stand alone. The facts included in the instructions have been great, telling you how big they were, how much they weighed and even talks about why they are extinct. There is so much knowledge in this book, it really is something that you will keep coming back to.
Next up was creating our models from plaster. We created Ordovician, Devonian, Cambrian, Triassic and Jurassic. The mould comes included in the set, and it was really easy to mix the plaster provided with water and pour into the mould. Again, there is so much information given in the box, each different subject is split up so you can make the models separate, we decided however to make all the models and then discuss them once they were dried and we could touch them.
plaster of paris dinosaur moulding
The end results are amazing!
dinosaur painting
We even decided to paint them while discussing what happened to each one. There is a question at the end of each one, and the answers are in the back. But I found this a great way to engage with Mark and get his imagination going too, even if it wasn’t the right answer, it gave us some great conversations.
The last activity that we have completed was our Excavation! This comes included in the box, along with a tool too. It is super exciting as you have no idea what is going to be inside. There is great guidelines to read that gives you tips and hints how best to excavate.  After all, all the best Palaeontologist’s started somewhere…
dinosaur excavation
There is other activities included in the set too, we are yet to start our Triop growing, but this looks great fun and I love that the plastic base inside the box creates the actual basin too! Again there is so much information in the book about this, it will be great to watch them grow. Once they are growing there is more activities too, such as looking for their eggs, carrying out a science experiment to see how they react to light and even finding out what their favourite snacks are.
This set really is a budding palaeontologists dream, it has everything you need to clue yourself up on everything dinosaur and prehistoric related. It is priced at RRP £29.99, which is a great price. It is not a quick five minute toy, it is a real life activity set that creates hours of enjoyment, I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Review by Danielle

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