Friday, 5 August 2016

Happy Days, Edinburgh

I love a pretty picture when it comes to puzzles and the Ravensburger Days out selection have a wide variety of different scenes in which I would wish to be inside.

In my last Happy Days out puzzle I took a long visit to London and this time we travel to Scotland .

 Happy Days Edinburgh shows us the tourist attraction that is The Royal Scotland Acadamy and you get to see a vibrant tourism hot spot as the people walk down Princes Street with a player of the pipes on the side walk.
With the flags flying high on the beautiful buildings , the day is sunny and picturesque and makes us all want to visit this location to just hope we get the same image in our minds . It almost feels as if we are there ourselves.

The Happy Days Selection from Ravensburger are a relaxing puzzle to enjoy building and are wonderful if used as displayed on your home walls if desired.

​You can buy these puzzles for £12.99.
Review by Lisa 

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