Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Happy Days, Blackpool 1000 piece puzzle review

Ravensburger have brought a lovely new Holiday collection which I am loving at the moment.

This week we were sent the gorgeous picturesque ''Happy days Blackpool'' puzzle which consists of 1000 pieces .

The very large puzzles are available for around £12.99 and there are so many designs available in all shapes and sizes.

As with each of their puzzles they come well presented in their boxes and each and every piece is in perfect condition .

When I think of Blackpool I think of the beach that I've built numerous sand castles on , the umteen Donkey rides I've been on, the trams and of course the Blackpool tower we all feel to scared to go up.

This puzzle captures my memories of the Holidays I had as a child perfectly and does not miss anything other than  that pleasure beach which this puzzles misses because I feel the years were caught before it was even there.

The collection is so pretty that my mother in law has decided to frame them all for her wall .

Where would you picture your ideal Happy Days memory?

Review by Lisa 


  1. remembering when the "family room" was the gathering place for us many of our homes had the portraits of their family on the wall above the fireplace or sofa. I appreciate all the wonderful scenes you offer us on puzzles!

  2. I really enjoy jigsaws with an element of interesting social history to them, athough I probably wouldn't go as far as to frame a jigsaw.

    I haven't visited Blackpool for some 38 years or so, just before we were married in fact, so I guess the changes I would see now, would be almost as dramatic as those depicted in your 1950/60s puzzle, would have looked to me back in the late 1970s.

    Thanks for sharing, this is a great jigsaw to add to my wish list :)