Monday, 23 May 2016

Ravensburger WHAT IF? No.13 - The Safari Park, 1000pc Jigsaw Puzzle

As with all others from the series you approach the compiling of the puzzle without any picture to reference or to guide you. What is different about What If? Is you compile a surprise outcome pictorially of that which appears on the box. So there really is a puzzle to solve! Though if you’d like a picture to help, you can request (by post) a small print. The contact information is on the box

So what happens to the family stuck in their car at the Safari Park? With the car not starting and the wild animals approaching looking and behaving rather ‘beastly’? All I will tell you is that it’s all a bit chaotic and the animals are employed, but not ‘employed’ in making trouble but in something far more entrepreneurial and positive!

A fun, and busy, busy comic illustration from Geoff Tristram for Ravensburger. Some subtle and comical additions appear in both pictures

Review by TSS

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