Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Ravensburger African Friends XXL300 Puzzle

So last time you may remember we had a little fun with the What If? Puzzles .
This time it was the kids turn to have a little fun and being that we were sent another of the fantastic Ravensburgers finest we were more than happy to start our new project but I also wanted to join in .

I have come to realise that all the puzzles we seem to be getting lately are rather busy and I am not complaining , I love busy puzzles. It means there are many details , objects , varieties of shades of colour and pattern to work through and to me that means keeping the mind working and thinking which is always a good thing.

This week our family puzzle was the African Friends which was one of the 300XXL puzzles which means less pieces with a bit bigger pieces.

A little smaller than the adult ones we have done previously but no different other than it is a different theme with even more pretty illustrations and colour to work with .

African Friends is one of my favourites so far and although the children wanted to do this one I felt the need to join in too , well it is after all a family thing .

As you can imagine the African Friends is about Africa but not the place as such , its about the Jungle and its beautiful creatures inside it.
Bringing you the most amazing mammals of our world from the Prickly Hedgehog to the most stunning Elephant , African Friends puzzle is a beauty in its self and I for one feel it is more than worthy to be put in a frame after placing together and sharing on our wall for all to see and if costs just short of £10 to buy .
I often find the smaller ones a little more appealing not just for the children but also for us lazy adults who if your like me have been feeling under the weather lately.
With not feeling to great I still wanted to do our puzzles but I was suffering with terrible earache and head cold which made me feel a little all to pot so to speak so doing a puzzle that was not the giant 1000 felt a little relieving this week.
This puzzle Considering this was for the little ones I was actually surprised at how little I knew the animals names , I mean I know the main ones such as the Elephant, monkeys, lions , zebra, giraffe, hippos and such but when it came to the smaller one like the birds I really did not have any idea so I had to look them up which was a little educational trip for me and the little ones .

The puzzle is aimed at children ages 9+ and we found that this was appropriate but as I've expressed previously , I find all puzzles age appropriate unless of course the theme is not suitable so we all tend to join in on even the larger ones.

As with all puzzles we find starting with the edges always makes it an easier start for us and once that was established it all started getting interesting from there.

With all of the different varieties of animal prints we already knew it was easy to give a good understanding to what pieces went with what animal at first but then once those were finished the left overs were a guessing game , unless of course we looked at the box cover which as a personal task we were trying not to .
We love to make little extra challenges for ourselves.

We spent only two evenings enjoying putting this puzzle together , quite fast compared to the 1000 which usually takes us longer .

As always the finish was beautiful and the detail was perfect.

I am wondering what our next weeks puzzle is going to be , anyone want to take a guess?

Review by Beauty and the Prince 

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