Friday, 22 April 2016

Ravensburger Happy Days at Work No. 8 - The Secretary

A far cry from today's electronic office, the jigsaw shows a secretary in her 1960s office - and she even has an assistant to help her; those were the days! Just look at the typewriter! The puzzle is created by Trevor Mitchell, and it's packed with detail which really comes out as you assemble the puzzle. 

The bright colours mean that it's easy to pick out the right puzzle pieces, and the high quality cutting of the pieces means they click together positively - none of that frustrating 'I wonder if that's right'. Best of all - there are no huge areas of one colour which can get very boring. I like the fact there's a leaflet showing the picture, as I like to use the box lid for laying out the pieces. The completed puzzle measures 49.3 x 36.2cm. This is one in a superb series of nostalgic puzzles - the 500 piece puzzles take us back to work of many years ago, and the 1000 piece puzzles take a nostalgic look at places around Britain; they are a refreshing change from 'picture postcard' views. 

These really are puzzles to bring a smile to your face and will make perfect gifts for anyone of a certain age - and any secretary from the 60s will love to revisit the office; it will bring back lots of memories. For younger ones, they will be fascinate to see how we used to work. 

Ravensburger jigsaws really are excellent - the pictures are bright, colourful and always very interesting; the cutting is flawless and the pieces fit together to perfection. I hated breaking up the puzzle when I had finished as it was a great talking point with all its intriguing details of offices of bygone days - children were fascinated!.

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  1. I have only just discovered this great site - can't think where I have been all this time!

    When I am not reading, you can find me hard at work on my latest jigsaw, then sharing and reviewing the experience with my blogging friends and over at Amazon.

    I have entered the competition in the hope of winning this great trip down memory lane and with all the daily pressures on my time, the occasional 500 piece jigsaw may not take me quite so long to complete!

    Yvonne :)