Friday, 8 April 2016

Hampton Court Palace - 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle

I’ve mentioned Monkey’s happy place a few times on the blog,
 but never my own from my childhood. From as far back as I 
can remember I’ve been fairly obsessed with British history 
and in particular the Tudor period. I was heavily into our 
Kings and Queens, and still have the book I used to spend 
hours glued to.  If asked where I would like to visit for my 
birthday, there would be no contest, Hampton Court Palace 
please.  Actually, I’d still be the same now. There is something
 about the place that drew me in and it’s had a place in my 
heart ever since.  So when I received the wonderful Ravensburger 
Historic Royal Palaces – Hampton Court Palace 1000 piece 
puzzle recently, I was back in my happy place very quickly.

Hampton Court Palace
The jigsaw puzzle features 9 photographs of Hampton Court Palace in a collage and it really does bring the Palace to life, both for those of us who are lucky to have visited and for those who are seeing it for the first time.  Henry VIII acquired this site in the 1520’s and it really is a marvellous building to explore, and I can still remember my first visit. Filled with awe as a young child.
I’ve loved the wonderful Astronomical Clock featured in this puzzle for years – isn’t it wonderful.
Hampton Court Palace
The details throughout the puzzle have made this jigsaw an absolute joy to complete.  I think, although my parents may well correct me, that Hampton Court Palace was probably my first experience of walking through a maze.
Hampton Court Maze
The quality of the puzzle pieces and images is exactly as you’d expect from Ravensburger and it’s a great jigsaw puzzle to share.  I’ve been telling Monkey all about my favourite palace, and have vowed to take him there this year to see it for himself.
From the detailed brickwork of the original building, through to the wonderful ceiling Queen Anne ceiling, there’s so much to take in and admire with this puzzle.

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