Thursday, 31 March 2016

Funny Bunny Game Review from Ravensburger

My little Paines recently got their hands on a new game called Funny Bunny from Ravensburger just in time for Easter …though when I jokingly suggested the bunnies were the Easter bunnies I got shut down by Scotty informing me that the Easter Bunny wasn’t real, and if it were where did it get all the chocolate from and why would it just leave them everywhere!

Ravensburger Funny Bunny
Inside the box you will find the following:
a green hill with a rotating carrot in the centre and various potential holes, 16 plastic bunnies in 4 different colours, 24 cards comprising of 12 allowing the player to move forward one space, 4 allowing the player to move forward two spaces, 2 allowing the player to move forward three spaces and 6 telling the player the rotate the carrot by a click.
Ravensburger Funny Bunny
Setup is very easy: place the hill in the middle of the playing space, each player chooses a colour and takes their 4 bunnies, shuffle the cards and place face down near the hill.
Ravensburger Funny Bunny
To play the game:
The first player takes the top card and moves their bunny the relevant amount of spaces on the hill or rotates the carrot by a click.
The next player then takes the next card from the pile and takes the relevant action. If the space they are meant to move to is already occupied that space doesn’t count and they should move to the next available space. If a space has a hole it counts but you only fall into it if it is the space you are required to move to.
The game continues like this until a player reaches the carrot at the top of the hill with one of their bunnies.
Ravensburger Funny Bunny Ravensburger Funny Bunny
Scott and Alexa loved this game, it’s incredibly simple yet so much fun. The anticipation of wondering whether one of their bunnies or someone else’s was about to drop down a hole at the turn of the carrot was visible and they couldn’t get enough of it. We had a few strops when their bunnies fell through the holes but it was all forgotten whenever one of my niece’s bunnies fell through of course.
Ravensburger Funny Bunny
The game is aimed at 2-4 players aged 5+ but Alexa fully understood how to play it. Obviously the older children were able to easily work out which holes were likely to open up and which ones would be next based on where the current holes were but personally, I think the innocence of not knowing makes the game even better.
Ravensburger Funny Bunny
Ravensburger Funny Bunny  has an RRP of £14.99 which I would say is excellent value considering how much fun the kids all have when playing it.

Disclosure: I was sent this item for the purpose of this review, however all words and opinions are entirely my own.
Review by Two Little Paines 

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