Tuesday, 26 January 2016

The Inventor's Cupboard jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger

If you love jigsaw puzzles, then the name of Colin Thompson must be familiar 
to you. He is a talented artist who has created many truly marvellous designs 
for puzzles. Every time I receive an email from Ravensburger, asking if I'd like 
to review one of Colin Thompson intricate puzzles, I reply the next second. 
Last week I was engrossed in this beautiful puzzle called 

This is the 5th puzzle in the series of Curious Cupboards jigsaws.
As fits an Inventor's job, his cupboard is crammed full with all kinds of machines 
and gadgets including some fantasy ones like a bacon converter and a bed which 
explains the brief history of time.

I love puzzles. My problem is that I find them very addictive. When I start a 
puzzle, life sort of slows down. I am completely absorbed. Thankfully, my 
little man is as enthusiastic as me and loves to "help". He begs me to let him 
help me, so I would give him a piece and point in the right direction.
The other day we were both in our sitting room, with Eddie watching Ben and 
Holly's Little Kingdom on Netflix, me - doing the puzzle. I listened to the 
animation and enjoyed it as much as Eddie did. Sash would come down from 
his room, look at us, watching childish things, shrug his shoulders and disappear 
back into his den.

Eddie and I both enjoyed finding all the small details.
As in many jigsaw puzzles created by the artist, his imaginative world is 
populated with tiny creatures.

Oh, the feeling of satisfaction, when the last piece of puzzle is in its slot. 
Only the puzzle lovers would know what it feels.
The completed tapestry of puzzle pieces looks fabulous.
What a treat for any puzzle lover!

Review by Chez Maximka


  1. These are fantastic puzzles. We like to leave them in a corner of a room at family occasions and everybody at some point goes to them and completes a little bit of the puzzle.

  2. I've nearly always got a jigsaw puzzle on the go. some I finish in a couple of days and some take longer. This bunch shown above look great especially the 5th Curious Cupboard.