Monday, 18 January 2016

Ravensburger The Lion Guard Puzzle (Disney Junior)

It's a great idea to have four puzzles of different sizes in one box, as it means the puzzles will offer your child fun over a much longer period that just one puzzle at a single level. It's great for siblings playing together, too, as each can choose a puzzle that suits their ability. The box contains four puzzles, suitable for age 3+ - a 12 piece, a 16 piece, a 20 piece and a 24 piece; each puzzle has a different coloured frame so it is easy to separate out the puzzles (you may like to put each into a separate bag when completed, for ease next time, as there's not a huge difference in the sizes of the pieces).
As with all Ravensburger puzzles, the pieces are well cut and fit together firmly. The colours are bright and the pieces are durable; the pictures will appeal to all fans of The Lion Guard, of course, but the appeal is not limited to those who follow the TV series. The animals are appealing and playful and these lovely jigsaws will really be a hit with children.
Review by Parents in Touch

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