Monday, 14 December 2015

Great Gifts for Tweens - Star Wars Jigsaws and Game

Maxi used to love jigsaws when he was younger, but became a little disillusioned that they were either to easier or to hard for him.  He absolutely loves the star wars jigsaws we were recently sent from Ravensburger.   The Ravensburger Star Wars Episode VII XXL Jigsaw Puzzle (200-Piece) puzzle was great to do in one sitting and is only £7.99 on Amazon UK right now(Affiliate link).  The 1000 Star Wars The Force Awakens jigsaw is more challenging and will take quite a few sittings, but is perfect for screen free time.  I love that it has really engaged the boys and their friends, so have all been adding pieces as they pass the puzzle on the table.  
We were also sent the Ravensburger Star Wars Episode VII Galaxy Rebellion Game and it has been great fun.  We had 5 boys sat round the dining table playing it over the weekend and they came back for more the following day.   This is sure to be an even bigger hit once the new movie is out and they are all in full on star wars mode again. At under £20 it is also great value.
Review by Mum in the Mad House 

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