Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Ravensburger Board Game Inspiration

You will be fed up of me talking about Christmas but there is no escaping its getting closer.  I have picked out a few board games I like that would make lovely presents if you were in need of inspiration.  Playing board games is a wonderful way to pass the time together as a family.  We have a whole shelving system dedicated to our bulging collection of games, but we keep seeing more that capture our attention and try and squeeze them in.

The boys were keen to see what the labyrinth board game from Ravensburger would be about.  The concept is great, a game that shifts during play.  You think your getting close; your eyes are literally on the treasure you need and then the path frustratingly changes completely before you get your hands on it!  Challenging yes but never dull as you race around before quickly getting home with your assigned treasures. 

It’s ideal for my two aged 6 and 8 but even children older than that will enjoy it as no two games are ever the same.  It is easily one of our favourites at the moment.  Now is a good time to buy your own copy as its only £10.94 on Amazon (reduced from the RRP £21.09) so no surprise it’s presently the #1 best seller in the board game category!  At that price you really cannot go wrong, I would even have been prepared to pay more, as it’s a very engaging game.  It’s quite strategic as you adjust your plans depending on how far the other players have shifted you from your chosen route, the return home can be especially difficult because then everyone obviously will want to put a stop to that and hang on to their own chance of victory.

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