Thursday, 29 October 2015

Creativity goes 3D-tastic!

By Yasmin Giannini, aged 10 years 

Whooo-hoo! One minute we’re all watching, colouring and creating on a flat surface and everything is wonderful, then suddenly it’s all bursting up in front of our eyes and standing larger than life as 3D goes crazy. 2015 has seen the rise in greater numbers of 3D films so that we can reach out and touch the movie experience, whilst books and posters are jumping out at us as we turn every page. It’s fantastic! 

When I heard about the awesome 3D puzzles from Ravensburger and the new breed of 3D pens which allow you to draw in the air; life just went up a gear. I’ll be squeezing the 3D pen onto my Christmas list for sure, however it’s the 3D puzzles that really make me want to jump around because they’re so cool. 

Puzzles are able to be really great fun, especially when you love the final picture and you firmly still have the last piece. However what if you could create some amazing landmarks, pop them up into 3D and then illuminate them so that they light up a room for everyone to see? Well, now you can as Ravensburger launch their 3D Night Edition which takes puzzle making to a glowing dimension that everyone may love. 

I think it’s fair to say that these kits take the whole puzzle experience to another dimension. Using special technology with interlocking puzzle pieces, you can build your very own famous landmark and then proudly display it in a special place so that your enjoyment seldom ends when you pop the last piece of the puzzle into place. It’s a puzzle, ornament and light all wrapped into one. I thought this would be a little tricky to build, however it comes with uniquely curved, hinged and flat plastic pieces, which fit together perfectly. You barely need to jiggle around with sticky glue either and the plastic puzzle pieces are numbered on the back as a little helping hand. 

If you’re keen on ‘collecting’ things like I am, then this 3D puzzle range might become an exciting obsession because there’s so much in the range including a windmill, Leaning Tower of Pisa, a Medieval House and many more. But it’s the night edition collection that makes me super excited and they’re totally new for 2015. The Lighthouse with Lights Night Edition uses LED technology to create a rotating lighthouse effect, making it seem like a real lighthouse. Plus, London’s very own Big Ben ticks into action this autumn and I think this is the best in the range so far; it sparkles with colour change technology which creates an amazing light show. Or if you fancy a jaunt to gay Paris, you may prefer the impressive 18 inch model of the Eiffel Tower, with this you may choose from gentle illumination or a mind blowing colour change light show. 

Go 3D and flick on the magical light switch, it’ll send your imagination into a whirlwind of pop-up pleasure. Go on, you’ll love the world in 3D! To order your own 3D puzzle click here! 

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