Monday, 5 October 2015

Clangers Jigsaw Puzzle Review

We love the Clangers in our house, so when Ez was offered the chance to review two Clangers Jigsaws from Ravensburger, our answer was obviously, ‘yes please’!

The two jigsaws that arrived were a large, 24 piece floor puzzle and a box with 4 different puzzles in the box, with varying difficulty levels.

Ez chose the smaller puzzles first and together we worked our way through them from easiest (12 pieces) to hardest (24 pieces).

The pictures on the puzzles are lovely and the cardboard they’re printed on is nice and sturdy.

The only problem was it was a bit hard to work out which piece belonged to which puzzle.  To solve this I wrote either A, B, C or D on the back so Ez could make the puzzles on his own without needing my help.

Then it was time to tackle the floor puzzle.  Something must have clicked in Ez’s brain because he made this one over and over again without any help at all.

He really enjoyed pointing out his favourite characters and talking about what they were all doing.

The pieces were nice and chunky in his hands and he had no trouble manipulating them and fitting it all together.

Ezra was so proud of himself after making this and even told the girls at pre-school the next morning!

Both jigsaws are aimed at ages 3 and up and use the Premium Soft Click Technology that makes it easy for little fingers to fit the pieces together.

All the puzzles are packed with lots of details to make finding matching pieces easy for children and the colourful pictures are enticing.

I love the way the ‘4in a box’ puzzle set increases in difficulty meaning that Ex (age 3) and Annie (age 6) can each make puzzles at the same time without one being bored, or confused by the difficulty level.

Both these jigsaw puzzles were a huge success with Ez, and Annie, and have been played with a lot since they arrived.

Review by Snowingindoors

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