Friday, 10 July 2015

The Minion Invasion, Ravensburger Puzzle Review for 6+ (80 pieces)

This summer, Minions Stuart, Kevin and Bob are coming to a cinema somewhere near you.  I can not wait to watch the new movie.  My boys and me are big Minion fans.  The merchandise that is coming out is great for the new movie too. 

I was kindly sent one of the new Puzzles from Ravensburger they have a great selection, so make sure to check them out.

We received this new 80 piece beaut.  The Minion Invasion has begun! Ours to Puzzle together Kevin, Bob and Stuart as they race through the streets of London on a 60's inspired bike!

So much detail on this puzzle, lots of words, symbols, pattens and colours to piece together, perfect for young imagines and little fingers.   

This puzzle is designed for 6+ the pieces are a good size, not too small.

James is 6 and being a boy at this age, he is always problem solving.  When I showed him the Puzzle he could not wait to get stuck in.  Little brother Liam showed some interest too.  They both sat down eager for me to open the box and take out the pieces. 

I left them too it.  I had over an hour of pure silence, this actually brought me joy to see them so content together.  They tried their hardest to complete the puzzle by themselves.  Eventfully James asked for a little help and then wanted me to stop helping after a few helpful hints.  

By the end of puzzle I had a very smug little boy.  James said he felt he had accomplished something.  He told me it was the first puzzle he had really enjoyed doing, more so as him and his brother worked together as a team.  He has now asked to frame it, as he wants to hang it in him bedroom. 

The Ravensburger puzzles can be purchased online through Amazon this one is RRP: £4.99 an absolute bargain.  

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