Monday, 8 June 2015

Dinosaurs Ravensburger Puzzle Review

Did you know that Ravensburger has a brand new puzzle that combines traditional puzzling fun plus a digital play experience? This is our fourth time reviewing Ravensburger puzzles. We have had similar Ravensburger puzzles before, with Big Hero 6The Muppets and How To Train Your Dragon 2. However, this is our first encounter with this fascinating combination puzzle! Both of my children love it!
Dinosaurs Ravensburger Puzzle ReviewThis is a Dinosaurs 100 piece XXL puzzle. The dinosaurs are beautifully illustrated. It measures 49.3 cm by 36.2 cm when complete. This is suitable for children aged 6 and above. If you have a big fan of dinosaurs, I’m sure they will love this puzzle with app.
My 7 year old son enjoys the puzzle. He did find it tricky to identify the background pieces but it didn’t take us long to complete the puzzle. The surface comes in a matt finish. The pieces are thick, strong and easy to join up. The only problem is that there are a lot of blue bits coming off the backing which happened in all the puzzle sets it seems. Once the bits are brushed off, it is fine afterwards. The puzzle can be done over and over again and kept safely in its box when not required. We had to disassemble it as we don’t have space to keep it out. It would be great to frame up.
Dinosaurs Ravensburger PuzzleWe love doing jigsaw puzzles at home as a family activities. They are a great work out for the brain and can be beneficial for improving problem solving, motor skills and eye co-ordination for children and adults. This 100 piece only took my son half an hour to piece together and held his attention all the way through.
After we assembled the puzzle, I download the FREE app (iOS or Android) Puzzle + App game. The app has full audio instructions and three exciting games. The Dinosaur games are full of Facts and Fun to increase your knowledge. There is a Panorama game, where you tap on a symbol and you will find out the name of the Dinosaur. There is also an interesting Facts game and a short Quiz game to test your Dinosaur knowledge. My children are not so clued up with their dinosaur facts so they both find it hard to answer the questions. They do find it interesting to play and learn at the same time though.
Dinosaurs Ravensburger Puzzle appSo far, there are four different puzzles for this app, do look out for it and check them out on Twitter @RavensburgerPC as they regularly host giveaways!
Review by ET Speaks from home 

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