Monday, 1 June 2015

Best of British - The Country Park

I do like getting outdoors whenever possible and I’ve really enjoyed the Best of British – The Country Park jigsaw puzzle.  It’s a comical take on our love of the countryside and there are a few images in the jigsaw I think we can all relate to.
Best Of British - The Country Park
The Best Of British – The Country Park 1000 Piece Puzzle is an illustration by Geoff Tristram of the ‘fun’ that can be had at the Frankleigh Orfell Country Park.  There are all sorts of activities taking place, so lots of details to enjoy.  Add in the humour and it’s a puzzle that will certainly keep you entertained.
The quality of this 1000 piece puzzle are just as you would expect from Ravensburger and I’ve loved my first introduction to the Best of British range of puzzles, featuring the work of Geoff Tristram.  I wonder if this will sum up my summer this year!
Best Of British - The Country Park 1000 Piece Puzzle
Priced at £11.99 I thoroughly enjoyed this jigsaw puzzle and can recommend.

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