Tuesday, 7 April 2015

What If? The Racehorse Ravensburger Puzzle


I love doing jigsaw puzzles so was delighted to receive Ravensburger What If? The Racehorse puzzle to review. This is not an ordinary jigsaw puzzle though, this is a lot harder as the completed puzzle is not the same as the picture on the front of the box so it takes guess work from start to finish. The picture on the box shows Jim buying his racehorse, the puzzle inside the box shows what happens after that.
The Racehorse is number 8 in the popular range of What If? puzzles and is a very apt time to try it with the Grand National being next week.
I set myself a goal in completing this as I started to do it on my dining room table but the table was getting picked up by my sister a few days later as a new table was being delivered.
I got to work with it by picking out all of the edge pieces and fitting them all together so I had my frame to get started with.
From there I just picked out the pieces that matched to edges and fitted them in.
It did take a while as it is a lot harder when you do not know what the final picture will look like. Fitting images together but not knowing where in the puzzle they will go makes it quite frustrating.
It took me about 24 hours in total to complete it but that was spaced over two days and I did not take a break apart from at dinner time.
I am pleased that I managed to complete it in a short time but I think next time I will just do it bit by bit as I did get a bit of a headache and achy neck rushing to do it.
The end puzzle measures 69.9 x 49.7cm and it does look amazing and was well worth the hard work.
You can purchase Ravensburger What If? The Racehorse from Amazon and is priced at just £8.99 at the moment (RRP. £11.99). There are 1000 pieces and it is suitable from ages 14 upwards.
Review by Stressed Rach

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