Monday, 9 February 2015

Heroes & Heroines Ravensburger Puzzle Review

When I was younger I used to love doing puzzles, I’d get a new one and not leave it alone until I’d finished it. My mum and I would sometimes do them together and it was her that taught me my strategy of doing the outside first (then working my way into the middle) and also grouping like colours together so it’s easier to find the bits I need.
As I progressed into being a fully fledged adult and the Christmas presents dried up I stopped getting puzzles and never got round to buying them for myself either – tut! I kept meaning to and then suddenly I had children and the only puzzles I’ve bought for the last 4 years have been children’s ones.
When I got sent the Heroes & Heroines puzzle from Ravensburger last week I was ultra excited.
The gorgeous design is inspired by some of the world’s greatest love stories and  shows a bookcase that has come alive with heroes and heroines from over 3000 years of myth, legend, fiction and fact. The characters include Romeo and Juliet, Antony and Cleopatra, Guinevere and Lancelot, Robin and Marion, Heathcliff and Cathy and Elizabeth and Darcy as well as others.
I finally had my own puzzle again and couldn’t wait to get into it and get it completed, it’s aimed at 12yrs+ and I’m  almost 3 times that …it was going to be easy, right?!
Wrong! It’s not the fact that it’s a 1000 piece puzzle, or that the design is quite intricate – much more so than the picture on the box suggests, it’s because I always have a 2 or 4 year old nearby wanting desperately to ‘help’.
I opened it whilst Scott was at school and I’d set Alexa up happily watching Sofia the First. Within seconds of me opening the box and then the bag containing the pieces, she was up at the table informing me that she can help as she’s good at puzzles. Hmmm, her most recent puzzle is a Sofia one (also from Ravensburger), has a maximum of 35 pieces and they’re fairly large pieces at that …plus she often gives up after doing the edges and leaves me to it!
Scott was just as bad when he got home, ‘Oooh Mummy, I can do this, look these pieces MUST go together because they have the same colour’ …cue him then attempting to push two pieces together that clearly didn’t go!
I’ve had the puzzle for a week now and I’ve had to pack it away and start all over again around 6 times thanks to little helping hands knocking completed bits off the table, messing up all the pieces, taking various bits onto the floor so they can ‘finish it for you mummy’ and just generally getting me to the point of wanting to sit and cry because they’ve decided to use the table for other things and scattering my puzzle! I think if I’m going to start up doing puzzles again I need one of those puzzle mat things so I can put it out of reach without having to start all over again.
Have I managed to actually finish it yet? NO!! I’ve put it away for now until my sister next has the kids for the weekend and then I shall be able to sit here for a few hours and finally get it completed.
Although I’ve not done as much as I would have liked of it, I have to say that I’m really impressed with the amazing quality of the puzzle itself. Not only is the printing impeccable and very detailed, but the puzzle pieces themselves are excellent quality and include Ravensburger’s Soft Click Technology meaning that the pieces makes a small click sound when put together correctly – I listened out for it and …it works!
I think this just may be the start of my renewed love for puzzles :)
Review by Two Little Pains 

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