Monday, 26 January 2015

The Puzzle Factory

I have my first jigsaw of the year to complete from Ravensburger.
It’s quite a strange one this time as it’s actually called The Puzzle Factory. The puzzles picture shows what looks like a chaotic bizarre factory with many workers, lots of machinery and puzzle pieces and some rather strange oddities which I very much doubt are in any actual puzzle factory. For a start there is what I consider to be a swimming pool. The pool has a swan swimming around along with a hovercraft and divers.
There’s even a mermaid at the bottom too!
Moving on from the strange pool is what I can only describe as a jigsaw dump/recycle bin which looks very unsafe indeed.
The Puzzle factory is by far the strangest factory I have seen with various areas full of pure chaos and madness. There is lots of small fine details to this jigsaw once completed. Many of them I had to look quite hard to spot them.
The puzzle took me 2 weeks to complete. Whilst being unwell I made a start and got there with a lot of help from others.
It’s a 1000 piece puzzle and the pieces are quite small.
It’s by no means easy and there were times when I felt like chucking the whole thing off my table. I just could not find what bit goes where but eventually got there.
The artwork is by Edmond Davis and there is a leaflet included in the box with a little info about the artist.
I am a firm believer that jigsaw pieces should come with numbers on the back of each one, for those of us who enjoy the easy life ha.
As for cost and purchasing- I’m sure it can be found in many good toy and puzzle shops as with all Ravensburger puzzles and I have found it on AMAZON for just over a tenner £10.75.

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