Monday, 5 January 2015

Colin Thompson's Bizarre Town

This huge 5000 piece puzzle is a step up to accept a big challenge when you have completed the smaller puzzles. A colourful fantastical world, as envisaged by Colin Thompson in this bizarre town puzzle.

The image shows bright and detailed towns in different styles and you can work your way around the town and see what you can discover. A exciting and interesting puzzle for those who would like a challenge and have extra room for a huge puzzle! This would look fantastic once completed, glued and framed. One for real puzzle "professionals" to enjoy and measures 153cm x 101cm when completed.

Its a great puzzle to piece together with family and friends and is a perfect way to relax after a long day or for family fun on a rainy day. Every one of the pieces is unique and fully interlocking and the quality is enhanced by the vast array of shapes made by the handcrafted tools - one of the many ways that Ravensburger shows its passion for excellence.

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