Monday, 15 December 2014

Scotland Yard by Ravensburger

I love board games and we always make time to play games and spend quality time together. Big J is at an age now where he enjoys more challenging games such as Monopoly, Cluedo, Destination and our new favourite Scotland Yard by Ravensburger.

When we first opened it and I saw all the pieces I thought it may be too complicated but it was quite easy to understand.

Inside the box is
1 game board
 6 playing pieces 
29 start tickets 
130 tickets for different means of transportation 
1 travel log for Mr. X 
1 visor for Mr. X 
2 inserts 
2 rings for bobbies

First off I read the instructions and we decided who was going to be detectives (Mummy and Daddy) and who was going to be the naughty and mysterious Mister X (Big J)

The object of the game is for the detectives to find Mister X. It is almost like a chasing game similar to cops and robbers, cat and mouse and also hide and seek
So Big J was Mister X and he has been a little naughty so it was up to Daddy and I, London's top detectives to stop him.

Big J enjoyed playing Mister X, he did need to plan where and when he was moving to so he could outwit us. He found it easy to understand the rules of moving his way around the board.

The game features around Central London and Mister X has to escape from the detectives by moving around the 199 locations on the game board. He needs to use his transport tokens to move and not be seen.
Playing the detectives, Daddy and I had to become super sleuths and find out just where Mister X is hiding. I found it quite challenging and really enjoyed trying to work out just where Mister X was hiding.

Throughout the game Mister X (Big J) gave us clues to exactly where he may be at that point in the game - he did this and even then it was hard to figure it out. So we had to guess where he was and race there before he moved again.
Unfortunately we didn't find Mister X he was too smart for us this time so he won the game.
We absolutely loved this and it really was lots of fun. It took about 50 minutes from start to finish but that was including reading the instructions.
Next time we play I think I will go Mister X and try and beat the boys :)
Aimed at ages 8+
2-6 players

Review by Mummy 2 Monkeys

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