Sunday, 7 December 2014

Ravensburger Peppa Pig Junior Mandala Review

We were recently sent a Ravensburg Peppa Pig Junior Mandala set to 

review which Ben has been having a lot of fun with. 

How it works

The Mandala set is fantastic for encouraging the development of fine motor 
skills, concentration and self confidence as children get creative with. It is 
easy to use, you just pop a sheet of paper between the drawing frame and
 the template, and it is ready for drawing around the shapes. You then turn 
the stencil inside the base tray and draw again. To make it easy to use 
each stencil is marked with arrows, which allows you to rotate the stencil 
inside the frame one sixteenth of a rotation. This unique mechanism helps 
you to create some lovely symmetrical designs. Once you’ve finished 
drawing, you can then colour the designs in with the colouring pencils that 
are included and you have it – a finished mandala design! You can even 
cut around the design and use your unique mandalas to decorate anything 
from placemats, photo frames and gift boxes to book covers and party 
favours. With an infinite number of possible designs that can be created, Mandala-Designer® will accompany your child on a brightly coloured 
journey of imagination and creation.

Putting it to the Test

Ben has been loving playing with the Mandala. He has made special 
presents for his friends using it who loved all the Peppa Pig, hearts, 
suns and other shapes he used. It has definitely held his concentration 
and the results are fantastic. The chunky marker it comes with is perfect 
for little hands to draw around the shapes. Ben really enjoys using the 
Mandala and has created some superb masterpieces to be proud of so
we definitely give it a thumbs up. 

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