Monday, 29 December 2014

Labyrinth board game by Ravensburger

If there is one thing we love to do, that is spend quality time together and enjoy playing board games.

We started off playing Labyrinth, we have never played this game before so instructions had to be read so we all knew what we had to do, first off was getting the board set up.The aim of the game is to work your way through the maze collecting your treasure along the way using the fastest route to get you there.

photo game 4

There is a fun twist to the game, the players can move the maze by changing the maze path, this could make it easier or harder for players to get their treasure, the maze path can be changed by every player just before they move their piece by inserting a maze card to the board, this will then push out a maze card the opposite end for the next player to then add where they wish on their turn, the maze piece can only be added by being pushed on the board from where the 12 yellow arrows are round the edge of the board, the maze piece can not be added to the middle of the board.

photo boys game

1 game board

34 maze cards

24 object cards

4 playing pieces

At the beginning of the game we shuffled the maze cards and then place them face up on the board to create our maze, we had one maze card left over, this was our card used to keep the maze pathway moving before we each took our turn to move round the maze, we then shuffled and dealt out the objects cards amongst us playing, on our turn we each had to pick one of our object cards in our stack without showing it to the other players, we then had to try and get to the square displaying the same picture that is on our card, to do this we had to first insert a maze card to move the maze path, either to make our move easier or it can be used to block the others playing, We then had to search the Labyrinth for our magical objects and characters by tackling the constantly moving maze. Once you have found the object that is on your card you then show the card to the other players and then pick up your next object card and work your way to that, once you have found your objects you leave the card face up next to you, the first player to find all of their objects and characters and return back to the starting square is the winner.

game set up

We had a very enjoyable afternoon playing this game, it made a lovely change to be able to just sit and still have fun quality time together that did not involve lots of walking, transport, TV or gadgets, this game was enjoyed in the comfort of our own home and made lovely afternoon full of fun and laughter. The way the maze keeps changing it kept the excitement going so it made a very exciting afternoon, admittedly we did play this game a few times until we all had a win and each game was different due to the maze constantly changing.

This board game is for ages 8+ you can view the wide range of other games and products from Ravensburger here.

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