Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Ultimate Christmas Puzzle

In the last week, whenever I went to bed, I had jigsaw puzzle pieces on my
 mind, and even in my sleep I have been working on a new puzzle from 
Ravensburger. Let me tell you, The Christmas Farm (limited edition) 
1000 piece jigsaw is totally fiendish.

I do enjoy jigsaw puzzles, but when this big colourful box arrived and I 
opened the bag inside, I was asking myself what have I gotten myself 
into. Will I ever be able to complete it?
Thankfully, I have an enthusiastic friend Jen who loves puzzles and she 
promised to help me.

Ravensburger says: "We all know that Santa works hard on Christmas Eve, 
but what does he do for the rest of the year? This colourful jigsaw puzzle 
imagines that he lives a low-key life, running a small farm, tending to his 
animals, growing Christmas trees and offering the occasional sleigh ride 
across the rolling hills when the weather allows".

Jen and I started sorting the pieces by finding those which have a straight
side so that we could build an overall picture frame for our jigsaw. Then,
bit by bit, I have been adding to the picture. Some pieces were very tricky, 
some are easier to spot, and I kept checking the box image for reference,
trying to figure out which bit goes where. An absolutely addictive hobby.

The wonderfully colourful and cheerful scene has been illustrated by Devon-based 
artist Roy Trower.
It is pretty amazing, how much detail you discover when piecing it together.

This superb jigsaw will make a great Christmas gift for any puzzle lover. And 
what a fab way to get into the Christmas spirit!

It was a slow progress, as it took me over 5 days (and that is with Jen's help) 
to complete the jigsaw. But I enjoyed it tremendously. I actually was surprised 
at how much I loved it.
Once the puzzle was finished, I couldn't wait to show it to Jen, and asked her
if she wanted to take it home and do it herself. She replied that she was still 
working on the Monet's jigsaw, but she knew an elderly lady who lives alone 
and who would very much enjoy the puzzle. Hope the old lady will enjoy it as 
much as I did.

I wonder now whether I should treat myself to another 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.
Do you love jigsaws?

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