Monday, 10 November 2014

Ringo Flamingo from Ravensburger


We received the fun Ringo Flamingo from Ravensburger for review, we love a good game and like to encourage the children to play together and develop social and interactive skills. You can get this game right now on Amazon for only £15.93 with free delivery, take a look at my video below.

I loved that the box is part of the game and also the storage solution for the game. I liked how simple the game was to set up and you are ready to play in minutes. If you have impatient children like me then you may also like the fact that there is no turn taking, everybody plays at once and flips there hoops.


Once everybody has flipped their hoops its time to find out the winner, for every hoop on a flamingo the player gains 1 point and if your hoop is on a crocodile you loose a point. The player with the most point gets rewarded with a shell token, there are 12 tokens so you can keep playing and the player with the most shells at the end wins! Each game literally takes minutes of flipping fun so it doesn’t take long to disperse the shell tokens.

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The boys really enjoyed playing this game and I have to agree with them its really fun to play. Dayton needed a few attempts to get the angle of his bend correct to enable him to flip it, but he got it in the end. The boys happily played 2 full games of this collecting all 12 shells, winning 1 full round each. Its a great game for hand eye co ordination, interactive play and just general fun. I would definitely recommend it, at just over £15 its definitely a good price for a game that we will be playing time and again.

Review from Life with asd & me

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