Monday, 13 October 2014

Ravensburger 'How to train your dragon' Review

Sometimes we love noisy toys, and messy play, and mud, and rowdiness. 

And sometimes we don't. 

Sometimes we love things that we can sit quietly at the
table (or on the floor)and do together, thinking it through and
 puzzling at a puzzle...for example! 

We were sent a set of three 'how to train your dragon' jigsaws; 

The kids love jigsaws and Jellybean was excited to see that these
said five plus on the box, because he's five, and each of the
puzzles has 49 pieces - making them more complex
than any of the puzzles we've owned before. 

Jellybean is a very smart kid (they both are) and
generally finds most things easy - and when he doesn't 
find things easy he's quite likely to get a bit stroppy
or want to stop, because he finds it frustrating. I wondered if
that would happen with these puzzles - but popped on our
'how to train your dragon' DVD and got the puzzles 
out for some quality rainy afternoon entertainment. 

There was a couple of moments that Jellybean got frustrated,
and Midget Gem was a bit little to do these alone, but 
with us all sitting together it turned out absolutely perfectly. 

Midget Gem liked sorting the puzzle pieces into the 
three piles - plain, stripy or spotty backed pieces for the 
three puzzles - then sorting the edges from the middle pieces,
and while Jellybean put the puzzles together Midget Gem helped
him to identify which pieces might be next by spotting colours
and patterns that fit in the picture. 

I thought I might need to be quite hands on, but having
caught them in a rare co-operative moment they sat nicely 
for quite a long time working together on the puzzles,
and it was really nice to see. 

The puzzles are, of course, great quality and the patterns
on the back mean you can easily sort which pieces are
for which puzzle - and though my OCD gets a little
twitchy with the kids mixing them all up, I know it won't
take long to sort next time we play. 

The set is a bargain at just £5.99 on Amazon at the moment and for 
fans of the films would make a great gift. 

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