Thursday, 11 September 2014

Ravensburger educational flashcards

Last week we were sent some number and letter flashcards from 
Ravensburger to review.

Arthur is three-and-a-half and just starting to show an interest in
 letters so I was keen to try these out. My first letter flashcards 
are lovely quality, sturdy cards using pictures and words to help 
your child begin recognising letter and making connections 
between words and objects.


Arthur happily spent about half an hour going through the cards 
with me. We made up a game where I showed him the image 
and we had to shout out the word and see who was first. 
Then I turned it over to show him the word and slowly spelt it out 
for him.

I was surprised how long he concentrated for and with 35 cards 
in a pack there were plenty to choose from.

The number flash cards are great as Arthur is only just 
recognising numbers properly but he is really enjoying counting 
on his hands so I used this as a chance to explore his counting. 
We picked a card and together counted it out on his fingers. 
Again the cards were great quality, easy to use and I liked the 
simplicity of it. Plus the fact you can tailor it to your own child.

We created little games that suited us and it worked. They are 
educational but they can be used in a fun way so Arthur never 
felt pressurised or like he was having to learn something. 
The number ones in particular will also last a long time as 
you can progress to simple sums when ready.  I will definitely 
be using them again to help build his confidence with words 
and numbers.

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