Monday, 18 August 2014

Mice in Love - 3D Puzzle Disney Eiffel Tower


I love jigsaws I find them calming but with being a busy mum I don’t tend to sit down and do the ones with little pieces, especially with little people. However this 3D Mickey and Minnie Eiffel Tower limited edition was just too cute not to attempt to make with them. And although baby J got bored very quickly and was more interested in watching Kinder eggs being opened on youtube on my phone (lol) but Ky on the other hand immediately loved it and so I had some mummy time with my big boy until my mum came round and joined in, she has always loved puzzles too.
In the box you have 216 Numbered puzzle pieces, the accessories needed to build the tower and the instructions.
First you start by putting the little square stands into your pretty board.
All of the pieces have little numbers with arrows on to show you where the next piece goes. I thought this was really clever and also loved that the pieces are plastic. When I was little I remember my mum having a 3D puzzle and it was made from some sort of foamy stuff. Yuck!
Me and Ky set about looking for and sorting the numbers so although this was fun we were getting some maths in here too!
Once we have completed the first section we have to pop it into the stand, having baby J around this was quite an achievement we placed the little square keeper onto the pieces and then we then began to work on tier 2.
puzzle 7When tier 2 was complete it really starting looking more like the eiffel tower and it was really nice to see the detail in the jigsaw, all the different imagery of mickey and mini and flashing lights. We added the last square keeper and began on tier 3.
puzzle 8
Tier 3 was by far the fiddliest with lots of the pieces being the folded pieces for the edges. But once we were finished this it meant ky was able to add the ‘finishing touch’ as he called it piece. The little blue spiked piece to complete the Eiffel puzzle.
puzzle finish
And this is the finished thing. I do love it, I would have liked to have kept it up as an ornament for my office but it didn’t seem the right thing to do with Baby J around and the fact that it’s a jigsaw so it has been carefully been packed away for the next time we fancy some calming fun.
If you wanted to own this gorgeous puzzle it’s currently on sale on Amazon 
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