Sunday, 13 July 2014

Ravensburgers Outdoor Mandala Designer Set review - Romantic Garden

I love anything that gets the kids outside and something with a craft element as well, makes for a brilliant school holiday idea.

The girls took the opportunity to try out the Ravensburgers Outdoor Mandala Designer Set that we had been kindly sent to review. There are various designs to choose from and were sent the Romantic Garden set - which is so pretty!

The girls love to colour or paint outside when the weather is good, so the Mandala Designer sets are fantastic for them.  They allow budding artists to become street artists as they chalk works of art on any paved surface.

Each design in the mandala template disk allows you to create various masterpieces - Simply place the stencil on the ground, choosing your chalk colour and colour in the ground through the stencil! ! Children can create beautifully coloured mandalas outside, easily and effectively - it's great fun for all the family! Even I enjoyed having a go!

 This set comes with a detailed template including hearts and flowers, plus a set of 6 coloured chalks and an instruction booklet. We kept our designs simple as it was Little One's first go - but even the simplest designs look amazing!

The sets are aimed at children aged 5+ Even Middle Miss (12) loved helping her sister create her Mandala! 

At around £14.99, I think it's great value for money. Although you'd need to replace the chalks once they are used up, the stencil can be reused time and time again.

Review by White Lily Green

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