Monday, 28 July 2014

Ravensburger Colosseum 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Review

I was really pleased to be sent this to review; jigsaws are getting awfully clever these days.  The 3D element makes it an interesting project and once built it becomes quite an eye-catching ornament.  It is aimed for children 10+ but my son who is 7 was perfectly capable of completing it on his own.  

The pieces are all numbered which helps considerably; otherwise in this case you would be at it forever as the Colosseum is made up of many similar looking pieces.  Not only are they numbered they also have a handy little arrow that shows you where the next piece should be placed, up, down or sideways and gradually piece by piece you see the striking Colosseum take shape.

I must admit having had such a positive experience this time I am glad I finally have some new Christmas present ideas to pursue.  When we blog about toys so regularly I often get asked what do you get the boys for Christmas? It is somewhat tricky, but Ravensburger have heaps more 3D puzzles to pick from including ones that actually light up, you can see them all here so I think I am sorted phew!

The building of the Colosseum kept eldest happily occupied for ages, he spent a few hours each day and then when he finally finished he proudly showed if off to everyone just before bedtime.  

With summer currently hiding here and it getting colder and raining more, these jigsaws are wonderful entertainment and a great way to introduce your children to the most famous buildings around the world.  So they are very educational in that respect, plus handling all the pieces is good for fine motor skills.  The end result is very sturdy; the pieces bend round well to slot into the stand.

The RRP of £24.99 seems reasonable given the entertainment value and the quality of the set.  I will definitely be extending our collection.

Review by Karen at Missing Sleep

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