Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Peppa Pig Colorino

This week Little Sis has been having fun with a brand new product from Ravensburger called Peppa Pig Colorino. It is aimed at children aged 2+ and involves children learning about colours through matching coloured pegs onto a variety of Peppa pictures.
Peppa Pig Colorino contains 4 colour pictures, 4 black and white pictures, 24 coloured pegs in 6 colours and a clear plastic board. The idea is you choose a picture to play with, slide it behind the plastic board and then ‘colour’ in with the pegs.
Peppa pig Colorino
It’s great for children learning their primary colours and Little Sis has loads of fun with it. She’s able to choose her favourite picture, pick the right colour peg and place it on the board (the pegs just clip in place). When she’s finished a picture she can take the pegs off, turn it over and do the picture again but this time choose which colours go where.
This puzzle is recommended for 2+ years and my daughter is 2.5 years and enjoys colouring in these pictures. She is able to tell me the colours of the pegs and put them in the right place. She also has fun colouring in the black and white pictures. The only thing she has difficulty with is sliding the pictures in and out of the transparent board. However, it’s great for learning colour recognition and manual dexterity and I would recommend this for any little Peppa fans!
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