Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Ringo Flamingo

Ravensburger Ringo Flamingo is a very interesting concept.  The aim of the game is to save the flamingos from the snapping crocodiles lurking in the water!  The player who can flip the most lifebuoys over the flamingos and collect the most seashell chips wins!  So get ready and save those poor flamingos!

Ravensburger Ringo Flamingo Review

The game is aimed at children aged 5+ onwards and for 2 – 4 players.  Inside this game, it comes with:
Game board
7 flamingos
 2 crocodiles
 4 boats
 48 lifebuoys (in 4 different colours: orange, yellow, blue and green)
 12 seashell chips
It is very easy to set up this game.  The bottom of the box is the base.  Place the game board on top and place the flamingos and crocodiles into their allocated slot.  It comes with four plastic boats for each player. 
Both of my children had so much of fun flipping the lifebuoys but it is not easy at all.  I think we should use a bigger table for this game.  This game requires the players to flip the lifebuoys and by having a bigger play area, it is easier to place the boat to the right distance to flip it.  We also cheated by placing it next to the wall so the lifebuoys could be easily bounced back into the swamp.  They both find it hard to get the lifebuoys onto the flamingo but when they get one lifebuoy in, they are so proud of themselves!  It is a great achievement!
I love this game not only it is fun but it helps the children practice their hand-eye co-ordination and flipping skills.  After a few rounds of playing, the plastic lifebuoys are quite out of shape but it is simple to flatten it back to restore the shape.

My children love the game as it is quite fun.  But beware of getting hit by flying lifebuoys as they go everywhere in the room! 

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