Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Happy Days at Work - The Secretary

Jigsaw Ravensburger Happy Days At Work Jigsaw Puzzle

Recently my son managed to break his arm playing football at school. This has meant that there are limitations on the things he can do. One of the things he has found is that it is very difficult to use his games consoles, two arms are needed to use a controller. As a result he has been looking for other things to do with his time. Recently I was sent The Secretary, a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle. It is the eighth in the Ravensburger Happy Days at Work jigsaw puzzle series which take a nostalgic look at jobs and professions in older days. This one features a secretary at work in her 1960′s office.

I love the old-fashioned office with the electric typewriter on the desk, the old fashioned telephone with the dial and the tea tray with a few biscuits. The filing cabinets behind complete the picture, now everything is kept on computer. It takes me back to my school days and visiting the dentist office which looked very much like this. The other puzzles in the series are the Milkman, District Nurse, Farmer, Train Driver, Air Hostess, Baker and Mechanic. I think my mum would love to do these puzzles.

I love doing jigsaws, they are a great way to relax. There is something soothing about searching though the pieces and trying to put them together. My son pounced on this jigsaw and said he was going to do it and I was not allowed to help him. I got out the jigsaw board, which is in fact a large piece of wood that was in the garage when I moved it. It is useful as it allows the jigsaw to be moved around if I need to use the table for something else.
When I do jigsaws I do all the edge pieces first. I tried to explain the technique to my son, but he has his own method. It involves dumping all the pieces out on the board and putting together the bits he fancies doing.

jigsaw2 Ravensburger Happy Days At Work Jigsaw Puzzle

It actually seems to work quite well, although you don’t have as much room on the board to see what you are doing. My son has really taken to doing the jigsaw, he rushes in from school and sits down at the table to do a bit more. It is really nice to see him concentrating on it for great lengths of time and it is a great distraction from his arm. I am going to have to get out my other puzzles for him to try when he finishes this one.

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