Monday, 31 March 2014

Junior Labyrinth board game Ravensburger

The Junior Labyrinth board game by Ravensburger is the beginners version of the Labyrinth Games series. The board has 12 treasures to be found within the maze and you can move the walls to open up passages.

The player chooses a token to discover which treasure is up for grabs and then has to study a path to reach it. Sometimes it is simple but other times it requires logical thinking and thinking ahead,
If I push this tile will it open up the passage for me?
Each turn the player takes the extra Labyrinth tile and pushes it along one of the columns or rows marked with an arrow, this pushes all the other tiles along one and other players too if you happen to be standing on that line.
By shifting the walls the player hopes to make a free run directly to the treasure but you will discover this isn’t always possible and you have to settle with as close as you can get passing on the chance to win the token to the next player.
Once all the treasure has been collected the game is over and the player with the most tokens is the winner.
I like this game, it helps with problem solving and thinking ahead. The girls struggle at first to see what happens by moving the tiles but they quickly pick up the gist and are able to make better decisions as the game continues.
They are competitive and there are usually tears when one realises the other is going to win but that’s another important lesson in life too isn’t it?
I think as they get better at the game I won’t be winning so frequently ;)
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