Monday, 17 March 2014

100 XXL of The Muppets Puzzle

The Muppets was one of the first comedy sketch shows I used to watch when I was young.  It was shown regularly on the Singapore English Channel.  I used to watch it every day and Kermit was my favourite but I did love Miss Piggy too.
Now they’ve come out of The Muppets show and into a new film called Muppets Most Wanted.  It will be coming out soon and it tells the story of the entire Muppets gang who are on a global tour, selling out grand theatres in some of Europe’s most exciting destinations.  However, mayhem follows the Muppets overseas as they find themselves unwittingly entangled in an international crime caper.

Ravensburger Puzzle has produced this 100 XXL of the Muppets cast members’ puzzle for puzzle fans aged 6 plus!  This is our first time testing out Ravensburger puzzles.  I have to say I am very impressed with the range of puzzles they have.  Do check them out on Twitter @RavensburgerPC as they regularly host giveaways!
Ms C is only 4 years old but she is ready to do the puzzle with a little help from her dad.  The puzzle measures 49 cm x 36 cm with 100 pieces.  The picture is very colourful and attractive.  It comes in a matt finish.  The pieces are thick, strong and easy to join it up.  The only problem is there are a lot of bits coming off back of the pieces.  Once the bits are brushed off, it is fine afterwards.  The puzzle can be done over and over again and kept safely in its box when not required.  We had to dissemble it as we don’t have space to keep it out.
We love doing jigsaw puzzles at home as they are a great work out for the brain and can be beneficial for improving problem solving, motor skills and eye co-ordination for both children and adults.  If you or your children are a big fans of The Muppets, you might like to consider this.

Disclosure: We have received the product to do an honest review.

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