Thursday, 20 February 2014

Woolly and Tig 35 piece puzzle

My little 3 year old boy really likes Woolly from the hit CBeebies show Woolly and Tig and he was excited to say the least when we got the new 35 piece jigsaw puzzle from Ravensburger to review.

  Most parents will know that the show centres around a little girl, Tig, and her adventures with Woolly her toy spider.

This Woolly and Tig puzzle from ravensburger is part of their pre-school range and a really nice addition.

The image on the puzzle is very cute with Woolly taking center stage and colouring a piece of paper it’s certainly colourful and my 3 year old really enjoyed piecing it together.

 It has to be said that Ravensburger make excellent puzzles with the great images and when complete it measures around 26 x 18cm.

As I said My 3 year loves Woolly and Tig and he always gest this puzzle out after watching the show.

This puzzle is available now from Amazon  

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